Elliot Brown: Tyneham

Elliot Brown make watches designed to take a beating. The automatic Tyneham is waterproof, shockproof and beautiful.

Location scouting and trips to incorporate sea, lakes and mountains were the only options to make images which portray the story of Elliot Brown. Their Tyneham watch is shown in the shots below as a stylish watch for any adventure.

Vee Tire Co.

Vee Tires reached out for some social media images to help promote their products. They manufacture and distribute cycling tyres around the world and particularly wanted workshop images to help promote their brand and not just their products. Their keyrings and tyres feature across a range of images which were all carefully created to show consistency in colour and setting.


TotalMTB is a long term client, booking regular shoots since 2018. As an online mountain biking entity, TotalMTB writes reviews, generates content and supports upcoming riders and racers.

Over the time working with TotalMTB, many shoots have been put together to create content for their numerous demands, including the launch product photographs of their signature annual jerseys and event photography of group rides.

Gravity Clothing Co.

Gravity Clothing Co. and I first started working together when they were starting up their brand. They needed dynamic pictures of their clothing to show off the range. As a rider, I was also able to model and shoot a range of photographs which they used to promote their initial jersey launch.