Camera Basics Workshop

Lady Cannings Plantation

A beginners workshop designed to help you make the switch to manual settings when capturing mountain biking.

Throughout the workshop, we’ll be looking at many areas of successful mountain bike photography, with a particular focus on:


How shutter speed, aperture and ISO all work together. Through this, we’ll especially be looking at how to manage to shooting high-paced action and still getting pin-sharp images.


We’ll look at the environment for opportunities to frame our subjects, using the trail and the landscape to help pull the viewer’s eye to the action.


The TotalMTB team riders will be our models throughout the day. We’ll work with them to help you get the best shots, including looking at ways in changing riding stance to improve image aesthetics.


Photographs of yourself, captured throughout the day, will be emailed to you following the course. They’ll be free of charge too!

Finer Details

Although the day is flexible, a general outline looks something like that outlined below.


A quick meet at The Norfolk Arms to introduce ourselves to one another and chat about what we’re hoping to get out of the workshop.

Looking For Compositions

We’ll leave the riders at the top of the trails and head further down ahead of them to look for interesting compositions. At this point, we’ll explore framing and techniques which can be used to draw the viewer into the scene. We’ll then call for the riders to begin shooting.

Ride To Trail Head

We’ll climb the road and fire-track up to the top of the trails before taking a breather and discussing our first set of tasks.

Evaluating and Repeating

After the riders have provided us with opportunities to shoot, we’ll evaluate and feedback to one another. Changes can be made at this point and the riders will go again for us to continue practising.

Final Goodbyes

At the end of the workshop, we’ll roll down to the pub and exchange some final tips, including access to my Lightroom preset pack (free of charge).

The workshop is designed around the use of a camera with manual settings (such as a DSLR or mirrorless). Whilst you may find benefit from attending and photographing with a phone, GoPro, or other camera, you may not get the full benefit of the course. Please keep this in mind when deciding to make a booking.

Throughout the day, you will need to be responsible for carrying your own equipment and riding a properly maintained mountain bike as we move around the trails. A good level of fitness will be required for this. In addition to this, you will need to provide your own food, water and any other additional requirements.

The course is limited to five free places. Upon booking, you will receive an email. Please do reply to this email so that I can make sure attendance is managed for the workshop. If you book and then find that you are unable to attend, please do contact me so I can make your place available again.

Terms and Conditions

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