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August 2023


Born of Botanics make truly artisan products. Their attention to detail in scents and appearance needed equally beautiful lifestyle and product photography to go alongside.

We began by sitting together and mood-boarding the style and look of the shots required, making sure we were destined to produce exactly what was needed.

Through a range of lifestyle setups, we were able to create beautiful imagery which shows each product in use and conveys the feeling of comfort and luxury intended.

We delivered both photography and vertical video as part of this project which will be used across the marketing platforms of Born of Botanics, including published article.

You can see how Born Of Botanics has used our photography and videography on their Instagram page and website.



Camplify are the ultimate vehicle rental company for adventure seekers. Camplify offers a unique Airbnb-like experience for those who are looking to explore the great outdoors in a van, 4×4, or motorhome.

The goal of this project was to capture the essence of adventure and showcase the endless possibilities that come with renting a Camplify vehicle. We set out to create amazing lifestyle imagery, incredible travel shots, and capture beautiful scenery over a span of five days. Our location of choice was the stunning Glencoe and its surrounding areas, which provided the perfect backdrop for our video and photography assets.

Following extensive planning with full creative control, we worked tirelessly to ensure that the final product captured the true essence of adventure. We wanted to convey the sense of freedom and excitement that comes with renting a Camplify vehicle, and we believe that our images and video assets do just that. Whether it’s exploring the winding roads of the Scottish Highlands, camping by the shore of a beautiful loch, or waking up to breathtaking views of the mountains, renting a Camplify vehicle adds a whole new dimension to your adventure.

This project was a thrilling experience, and we are delighted to have captured the spirit of adventure that Camplify represents.

You can see how Camplify integrated this project on their social media and by visiting their website.

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February 2023


Patina, a Durham-based company that produces high-quality mountain biking apparel, got in touch to work with us in early 2023. With a range of designs to choose from, Patina offers something for every rider and we organised a single-day shoot through the winter months.

Our task was to create a range of compelling imagery that could be used across social media and the company’s new website design. Additionally, we were tasked with creating eye-catching images of their new product line of gloves, which would be used to launch the product to the market. Our goal was to not only showcase the products but to also capture the essence of what it feels like to have a great time on a bike.

To achieve this, we planned out the route that the cyclists would take, ensuring that it provided a perfect backdrop for our images and videos. We took care of all the necessary model release forms, guaranteeing that Patina could use the images of all the models for commercial use indefinitely. Our team worked tirelessly, capturing over 500 high-quality images that could be used on social media platforms throughout the year.

The final images and videos showcased not only the durability and style of Patina’s products but also the exhilarating feeling of hitting the trails with confidence.

Have a look at Patina’s website and social media channels to see how our work was embedded.



Moon Roast, a small team of passionate coffee roasters based in rural Hampshire, source ethically and think sustainably, roasting every day to ensure maximum freshness. Their dedication to their craft means they create unique taste profiles that can’t be found anywhere else.

Our mission was to create a small batch of social media images that would connect with Moon Roast’s audience and tell the story of their premium quality product and rich family heritage. To achieve this, we carefully curated additional props to help bring their story to life in a visually stunning way. We utilised our studio lighting and expert composition techniques to highlight the beauty and quality of their product.

The images captured the essence of their story, bringing to life the unique taste profiles and sustainable ethos that make Moon Roast stand out in the coffee industry.

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APRIL 2022


Bike Ranch Snowdonia, a mountain biking adventure company based in Wales, approached us before their public launch to capture imagery for their website and business launch. Our brief was to capture all aspects of a typical trip, showcasing what the company has to offer.

Over the course of two days, our team explored different mountain biking locations in Wales to capture a range of images that would showcase the lifestyle side of the business. We worked closely with Bike Ranch Snowdonia to create a collection of images that would evoke the excitement and adventure of a typical trip, while also highlighting the stunning landscapes and scenery of the Welsh countryside.

We utilised a range of techniques to capture the essence of Bike Ranch Snowdonia, including natural light and drone flights to bring the images to life. We also worked closely with the team at Bike Ranch Snowdonia to ensure that our images reflected their values and mission.

The resulting images are a true reflection of the excitement and adventure that Bike Ranch Snowdonia has to offer. We were able to capture the essence of their business and showcase the stunning landscapes and scenery that make their trips truly unique.

See how our imagery has been used on their website.