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An Adventure Close To Home

Seeing the world is high on my priority list – capturing those moments so I can look at the pictures of those memories again later is just an added bonus. It turns out you don’t have to go far to have an adventure and see something beautiful; in fact, an hours drive down the road landed me amongst the purple heather of the North York Moors National Park, just north of Pickering.

The area is simply beautiful and certainly isn’t a hidden secret. The campsite wasn’t exactly packed, but there were certainly other people out enjoying the beauty of nature and the tranquility of the moorland. The trick was to look where others weren’t to get the shots others couldn’t.

Amongst those secluded spots hid Roe Deer like the ones I snapped below. Just beyond the footpaths, when walking quietly, they appeared. I even managed to sneak up on the buck below before it casually flicked its ears, looked right at me and bounded off to the wooded area beyond the field.

It wasn’t just deer that I managed to photograph, though. In the setting sun, even the sheep living on the moor seemed photogenic and up for their portrait being taken. On the return walk, in the same field as the deer, there was a hare hiding in the stubble. It was more easily spooked than the deer but soon realised we were of no threat after darting to the middle of the field before stopping and checking we weren’t following.

It wasn’t just big beasties either. The ladybirds scuttling on the gorse bushes seemed to pop off the green. The rain didn’t seem to bother them, even when the droplets sat on their backs, shimmering when the clouds allowed slivers of light to pass through to them. The shot below was particularly pleasing to get using the macro lens.

And the landscape. Oh, the landscape! The wildlife is stunning but take it out and you’re still left with a beautiful part of the world that I’m so grateful is only just down the road. The North York Moors is an incredible place and I’m really looking forward to getting back and capturing more of its magnificence.



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