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It’s Not Always Easy

Landscape photography is one of those things that really requires the right conditions and, as most of you will know, living in the UK means the conditions can change within a minute. That means that landscape photography isn’t always the easiest thing to get great shots from.

Last week I tied up the walking boots and set off on a ten mile round hike. I’d checked the map and thought I’d spotted a couple of good locations with narrow valleys that would photograph well in sunset light. The Yorkshire Wolds is a naturally pretty place so I was sure that I’d find some other things en-route to get a few more snaps of.

The weather soon changed. It was initially very sunny and warm, and the forecast was for this weather to continue. Of course, halfway through my walk the skies opened and the un-forecast rain began. The light of the coming sunset almost all but disappeared and the decision was left before me: continue on with the risk of absolutely no photos or turn and return home.

I decided to carry on walking.

Eventually, right as the sun set, the clouds departed and the light broke through for a brief moment and let me snap two photos that I’m relatively happy with, if only for their lighting and contrast. It’s amazing that something so simple as a field of cows or someone walking their dog can be so dramatic when the right light finally arrives.

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