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Spurn Point Landscape Photography

Yorkshire is full of beautiful landscapes and I’ve only scratched the surface to date. Spurn Point has been on the list for a while now and a summer sunset seemed a perfect time to journey out with the camera and tripod and capture some of the location in the golden light.

The lighthouse was always the final location in mind and I wanted to shoot it as the Sun set. However, the beach along the way provided a couple of interesting shots as the old sea defences poked out of the sea and the sky covered with clouds and provided a moody atmosphere. At this point, I thought I might not get the sunset photos I was after as the Sun was well and truly hidden but as I approached the lighthouse beams of light broke through the cloud and lit up the landscape giving me hope.

The closer I got to the lighthouse, the more the excitement grew and Adam (who was also walking to photograph the lighthouse to photograph it with me) and I could see the perfect light starting to fall across the land.

With coffee in hand, and tripod all set up I waited for the light to go golden and then snapped away. The contrast in light and dark across the lighthouse amazed me, and the natural beauty against the man-made lighthouse provided an interesting subject. I’m more than happy to have come away with some shots I’m proud of, even more so because they’re photos of a relatively local area here in Yorkshire.

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