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Scarborough – A Special Place

Scarborough is just another seaside town. It’s got a fairly rich history, but in 2018 it really is just another place. In my opinion, the seafront doesn’t have anything special about it and the town centre could be a town centre in just about any other town. Yet, there’s something special about Scarborough that keeps pulling me back.

It may well have something to do with the fact that I spent three years of my life studying at the university there. It might also be special to me because some of my closest friends were met there. Or perhaps it’s because I met my partner whilst at university there.

Whatever the reason, or reasons, a trip to Scarborough has been on the cards for a while. I’ve been itching to capture some photographs which I’m going to print and use to decorate some of the rooms in our house. Last night, the time finally came.

Of course, landscape photography doesn’t always go to plan and it happened to be the night of the annual Goldwing parade – where touring motorbikes adorned in bright lights do a lap of the seafront. It wasn’t something I was hoping was there, or in fact even knew about, but it turned out to provide a few interesting long exposure shots. As the parade looped around the foreshore underneath the castle, a trail of light was left behind which seemed to be oranges and purples. On no other night would I have got this shot so I’m incredibly happy that I was lucky enough to have captured it out of chance.

As well as the parade, I also shot twice from Oliver’s Mount. The local hill provides a great viewpoint over South Bay. At sunset, the sky lit up with a purple hue. Then a little later on, when the Sun had totally set, the town itself came alive with light across South Bay and the harbour and beach was lit up.

Scarborough may well be just another place, but the feel of the place for me is one of happiness and capturing these shots was part of making sure I had that feeling recorded forever. And now I’ll have some interesting shots for those empty frames.


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